vendredi 28 décembre 2007

aujourd'hui nous apprenons un nouveau pays. Quel est-il ?

In other countries, dynasties are episodes in the history of the people. In the.... ..., peoples are a complication in the history of the dynasty."

In 1918, as Clemenceau rather brusquely put it : 'L'...., c'est ce qui reste."

"If you don't keep a grandmother in..., you may well keep a dog or a cat. Canine pets have rached such numbers in V... that 15 tons of faecal matter are deposited monthly on the city streets. (...). A democratic solution to dog shit has yet to be found."

"Hand-shaking is a national pastime and latecomers to committee meetings hold up processings until all available flesh has been pressed."

"They are used to heavy food and can despatch astonishing quantities of it very rapidly and in a manner that might be said to display grace under pressure."

"Fal de rih, fal de rah, fal de ra ha ha ha, ra ha ha ha, rah!"

"As far as the V... are concerned, a good day's rambling in the dark and gloomy W...wald is just what the doctor ordered, and can be combined with the ritualistic activity of Schwammerlsuchen, mushroom hunting.
In the late afternoon, comes the climax of the day, a Jause, euphemistically described as a "snack", but to non-... a full meal."

"Unlike the happy wanderer, the urban hiker's hat sports a number of subtle differences of cut and presentation, for example, the addition of silly badges."

"The A... sense of humour was admirably summed up by a general, who reacted to the approach of yet another military catastrophe with the airy observation : "the situation is hopeless, but not serious"."

source : Xenophobe's guide to the A...", by Louis James, 1994

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vg a dit…

tu t'es trahie avec le "W...wald". Mais j'aurais dû le deviner déjà avec Clemenceau

lilousse a dit…

ce merveilleux bouquin fait-il partie de tes cadeaux de noël de cette année ??

Dodinette a dit…

meuhnon, il traîne aux t...ttes.
pour continuer dans le même style ;)

zizule a dit…

QUOI ?? on m'accuse de chercher l'inspiration dans les ch... ???!!!

on dénie ma puissance cérébrale et cultivée ??

oui bon d'accord...mais j'aimerai bien vous y voir


Dodinette a dit…

je remarque en passant que la toute première citation pourrait très bien s'appliquer à la France.
avec un sens un tout petit peu différent sans doute... mais quand même...

zizule a dit…

c pas faux ça